What is The One Percent Better Project?

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I am flattered and honored to get to write a post explaining my obsession.

One Percent Better in one sentence: I send subscribers inspirational videos, articles, and original interviews weekly (sometimes more) for free.

Detailed version: For years I have prided myself in noticing things.  I have developed an intentional habit of seeking out information that inspires me, and makes my life better in countless ways.

Now I share it with you.

Think of me as your filter.  I have spent an obscene amount of time reading and listening to personal development content so that I can send you the best of the best.  The most inspiring, the most thought-provoking, the most actionable resources I can find.

I gravitate toward material that is passionate, authentic, and creative.  The content I send falls into one of three categories:

  1. Materials that when implemented will allow you to discover the power of marginal gains. Concepts like “Watering the Bamboo” and Dan Pink’s Pre-Mortem Technique.
  2. Strategies that have a lopsided results-to-effort ratio.  Simple tweaks that will yield sizable improvements. Fun things like how to cold brew coffee at home  or how to brine a turkey. Serious things like Steph Curry’s pregame routine.
  3. Original, focused interviews with leaders whom I admire.

My vision is clear, but for the first time in my life I have not scripted where this will journey will end.  I want to connect with as many people as I can to help change lives.  I want to interview people who live life with purpose, learn from leaders who inspire others, and speak to groups who want to get better. I hope to do it all with a sense of joy, authenticity, and often humor.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

Let’s get one percent better every day together.


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