The Timing of Communication: Show Notes

This post is a listener guide to KWBRadio Episode 36: The Timing of Communication 

Links mentioned on the podcast:

The coffee shop mentioned  

The benefits of drinking coffee  

My coffee maker

Kevin ordering Wonton Soup

Kev’s Summer Reading List Shoe Dog  The Arm      Relentless  

Joe on The Top Coach Podcast

Rick Eckstein Episode

Criticism vs. feedback


26: 37 Understanding our students. “Doing the blog this month has forced me out of my comfort zone and has forced me into the mind of my students. When they have to write their essays, I can look at them eye to eye . . .”–JF

27:20: “We try to relate material.  . . not try to treat everyone the same.  If we are teaching something to somebody, we have to have done it in the past.” –KW

30:20 “Kids need to take a break from hitting.”–KW

38:30 @cotuck  

41:15 “I like kids failing.” –KW

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