I Got Ejected Last Night

I got ejected last night for the first time in 13 years.

What I should have said to the umpire was:

I’m sorry Jack, can I have time please?  Hey thanks.  What did you see there?  From where I was in the dugout I had the batter crossing the plate landing in the left-handed batter’s box as he bunted through the ball. My catcher couldn’t make the throw to second as the runner was stealing second.  You didn’t have the same?  I gotcha, maybe you were screened on the play, would you mind asking your partner if he saw something different?  He might have had a better angle on the play.  Thank you, Jack.  

What I did say doesn’t matter.

In life it is very rare that we get the chance to say exactly the right thing at exactly the right time, but we should prepare in advance for various scenarios.

The best technique I have come across comes from best selling author Dan Pink.  In just over two minutes, he details a powerful technique for preparing for the worst case scenario, even as we hope for the best.

Pink’s technique might not have saved me last night, but over time it’s a valuable asset to add to the tool box.



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