Day Two

Day two is more difficult than day one.

Day one has the better agent.  It’s celebrated as glamorous, as starting something special. It’s New Year’s Day.  It’s the start of a workout.  It’s putting ourselves out there.  It’s going public.  It’s becoming vulnerable.

Day one is an audition.  We have reached the threshold.  We can no longer hold back. Something has to be done.  We vow to change, and we do.

Then the world kicks our ass.  The results are not what we imagined. Six-pack abs do not appear.  No one throws us a parade for our brilliance.

But some people show up for day two anyway.

Day two is soreness.  It’s silence.  But it’s how we let ourselves and the world know that we are serious.  If we ever hope to get to consistency, day two is the vital day.

Everyone is excited to begin on January 1st. What does January 2nd look like?

We have collected countless day ones in our lives; many sit dusty on our shelves. It’s time to pick one up, dust it off, and turn it into a day two.





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